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Cesaria in London and Lisbon wear somethig special (for me)  
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Déposé le: 14 Mai 2010 17:25   Sujet du message: Cesaria in London and Lisbon wear somethig special (for me)

In this sad days i had a little-great joy!
I discovered that Cesaria was wearing (in London and Libon) the new jewel made for her that i gave her in paris in November.

The jewel figure the sea with the cap-vert island.

This was the other i gave her some few years ago
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Déposé le: 15 Mai 2010 6:19   Sujet du message:

You choose a very good time to promote your jevel! Sincerely, congratulations!
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Déposé le: 15 Mai 2010 8:45   Sujet du message:

Dear Nina,i'm not PROMOTING nothing!!!!!
I don' sell noting...

In this period of pain i wanted to share some joy with you all!
For me has been a ray of ligth in the dark of these days.
This was the only reason i put the post.


No one like me this days are in touch every moment with Cesaria Team to know about Her Health.
I know she stay every day better...and i'm happy.
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Mic Dax

Inscrit le: 28 Déc 2004
Messages: 221

Déposé le: 15 Mai 2010 12:46   Sujet du message:

Nina, you caught the wrong guy... Ivan lives a true and faithful passion for Cize's music, far away from any commercial or egocentric feeling. I understood she likes him and I don't see in this guy any disrespect or sycophancy.

As some other activists in, since 3-4 years he uses to release some news about his diva, even when nobody cares about her, even when she feels right, even when there is no CD or gig to promote.

I don't see why he had to shut up exactly when there's is a (sad) event. Since your (first?) contribution was not very helpful: same player shoot again.
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Inscrit le: 08 Mar 2009
Messages: 87

Déposé le: 15 Mai 2010 15:48   Sujet du message:

My friends, here you are some of the pics from Lisbon who i did. They are not professional...

in my facebook profil:
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Déposé le: 15 Mai 2010 18:39   Sujet du message:

j'avoue que vous m'enervez tous! Tous les trois. Par hasard dans cette bagarre de bijoux vous ne perdez pas de vue Cesaria?
Merci Niki pour les photos de Lisbonne. La batterie de mon appareil s'est dechargee juste avant le concert.
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Déposé le: 16 Mai 2010 9:45   Sujet du message:

Mic Dax,thank for your words.
I'm happy you understood my feelings.

Eliysabeth,i didn'forget Cesaria...i post in this forum (in the post hospitalisee) a message of CEsaria musician that is near her this days.

The message (and the other private he sand me) are positive,she fell strong,even in this pain.
If the condion of our beloved Cesaria was bad i nver put the post of the Jewel...

It gave me some hope and i want to share a positive message with yu all.
Believe me if i say that if i had tha money this day i was in Paris.

I APOLOGIGE if i cause some noise...i wanted only to come back talking about Cesaria, remembering her in prefect she will come back soon....!!!!

whit all my love,Ivan
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